Your situation

Vous êtes un site isolé, La gestion durable de vos déchets et les besoins en énergie sont vos préoccupations

You are located in a remote area and right now you are totally dependent on fossil fuel. Your energy needs and sustainable waste managment are both major concerns.

You want to meet these challenges:

  • to ensure proper waste managment and
  • to meet your long-term requirements for a stable energy supply

Turn the problem around and make it into an opportunity of benefitting from the advantages of the circular economy and to arrive at self-sufficiency in your energy supply.

For both issues, Zetech Pro proposes solutions.

 La gestion durable de vos déchets et les besoins en énergie sont vos préoccupations

You live in a remote location, an area which is not at all or only badly connected to the domestic power grid. You need continuous and stable supply of electricity but you are dependent on the fluctuating prices for energy and volatile costs of transportation.

You also have to manage the disposal of waste.

You want to implement an energy transition at the local level by using your resource, promoting employment, keep all options for the preservation of the future open, and on top of all that you do not want to disfigure your landscapes.

We know these issues well and can accompany you all the way.

There are viable solutions: Where there is a will, there is a way. So let’s go down that road together!

Examples of biomass waste you have to deal with and can turn into a renewable source of energy:

Recyclage de taille et de coupe, Rémanents, Sylviculture...

all biomass related to the wood working industry, including logging and trimming by-products, forest wastes, clippings, trunks, bark, saw and sanding dust, napier grass, non-endemic and harmful invasive plant species.

Recyclage d'élagage, de bois de construction, déchets verts...

biomass of urban, and semi-urban origin, including tree and hedge prunings, all types of wooden waste including demolition wood, invasive urban plants, green waste, waste from compost screening, wooden transport pallets and packaging materials.

Vos ressources biomasse agricoles et industrielles
agricultural & industrial

biomass of agricultural and industrial origin, including grape must, banana or sugar cane bagasse, soiled straw, digestates and thickened fluids, paper mill sludge, soiled cotton or linen, oil palm and coconut tree residues, cocoa husks, fruit cores and shells, sanding dust.

Vos ressources biomasse marines, Algues envahissantes

biomass of marine origin including invasive algae.

Database for biomass showing composition and calorific value: