Solutions & Technologies

Zetech Pro turns your biomass waste into energy.
We use an innovative and competitive technology to address your problems.

Biomasse transformée en électricité renouvelable

Zetech Pro proposes several ways to make transformative use of your biomass waste:


After sorting and grinding, your biomass is transformed into electricity. Our generating units are sized to be easily managed, producing between 0.5 and 15 MW of continuous electrical power for more than 8000 hours per year.

Energie de stockage sous forme de pellets grâce à la solution ZETA


Making use of vented heat from the cogeneration process, most of unusable biomass can be further processed into pellets by applying our unique pelletising process. The pellets can be sold to other isolated areas and used there to produce energy.
Or the vented heat energy can be piped through a hot water network (heating or sanitary) and can also be further transformed into cold.

Une pile à combustible ZETECH Pro peut délivrer entre 65 et 400 kW


Our biomass gasifier produces gas that we will transform into electricity or hydrogen by reforming. A Zetech Pro fuel cell can deliver between 65 and 400 kW. If you opt for a fleet of hydrogen electric vehicles (Fuel Cell), this solution is made for you.

Les unités de valorisation Zetech Pro ont été mises au point avec les industriels européens dans le monde des énergies.

Zetech Pro energy transformation units have been developed together with the best and most renowned European companies in the industry. All units are scalable.

Le type de biomasse utilisable dans nos installations est variable à l’extrême.

The types of biomass we can process in our units vary from extreme fine wood dust to aggressively invasive plants. Nothing will be wasted.

Le type de biomasse utilisable dans nos installations est variable à l’extrême.

Optimisation of component design and the overall mature technology of our cogenerators yield very high production efficiency.

 ZETECH Pro s’engage et garantit des taux d’émissions inférieurs aux requis règlementaires.

Zetech Pro is exemplary in their respect for the environment and continuously strive to further improve air quality: SETA has committed to and guarantees emission rates lower than the regulatory requirements.