Energy transition

 ZETECH Pro fournit des solutions de transition énergétique clés en mains.

Energy transition refers to the passage from the current sourcing of energy, often polluting and harmful to future generations, to a more responsibly generated energy, which is renewable and positive for the development of the planet.

The transition will succeed only if there are put in place :

  • knowledge
  • technology and
  • funding

Zetech Pro has been focusing their expertise on these three points for many years.

Zetech Pro  provides turnkey solutions to achieve true energy transition.

Vos rebuts de biomasse deviennent de l’énergie,

Respect for the Environment: your biomass waste is turned into energy – it is a virtuous circle.

Vous serez moins dépendant des énergies fossiles.
Energy Savings

You will be less dependent on fossil fuels by generating your own energy through the use of waste products.

Des nouveaux emplois pérennisent l’économie.
Creating Jobs

Local waste collection as well as setting-up and operating our power plants require local labor. These newly created jobs fuel the economy.

Nos partenaires soutiennent nos projets. L’écologie est l’affaire de tous.
Financial Support

Our industrial partners, investment funds, development banks, international banks – they all support our projects. Saving the environment is everybody’s business.

Our values, our commitments

Préserver et respecter notre planète et ses habitants, c’est notre choix.

To preserve and to respect our planet and its people is a choice – it is our choice.

Our customers’ projects permanently challenge our ability to overcome obstacles put in the way by unpredictable environmental evolution.

We always strive to set the highest ethical standards in our decision-making and in finding practical technological solutions which will positively affect all our employees, our partners and the communities we work with.

Understanding the problems of our customers will lead to a sound and lasting relationship.

We know how to shorten the distance between energy production and the energy end-user.